Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Building Plan Progress

The last few months have seen significant progress in finalizing plans for the new main library.  The Library Building Committee met five times to study schematic plans, select a mechanical system, and review cost estimates.  Meetings were attended by town residents, members of the Finance Commission, and members of the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Committee.  The nine member committee included representatives from the Westwood Permanent Building Committee and Historical Commission. Library Trustees and members of the architectural staff from Finegold, Alexander met with the Westwood Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals.  Variances were granted by the ZBA for height and front set-back. These variances were supported by the Planning Board. Library planning activities were reviewed by the Finance Commission at several meetings this fall.  Topics discussed were fund raising, preliminary cost estimates, and the $4 million construction grant.  The design of the building has been completed, although all of us acknowledge that further refinements are needed to the building’s High Street front.  It has been a challenge to create a “public face” for the new library that blends with the historical district and still creates a strong presence as a public building.  Comments from the Gay and High Street neighborhoods, the Planning Board, and the Historical Commission
have been very helpful. Plans should be available on the Library’s web site and on display at the Library within weeks.

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